Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Straight after Max drank from it, he kicked a ball across the new playground.

Friendly-I am friendly because I let people use my things, I let people play in games.I will be friendly to customers.
energetic-I am energetic because I love to play rugby,I like to get work done fast. 
ambitious -When I was in a year 7&8 room I was ambitious to get work done befor same kids.
Happy-I am happy because 
Shy-I am shy because I do not like performing for a lot of people, and because I get stage-fright.

my goal is to fix my spelling more by myslef

my goal is to let people understand my writing more by making sure it makes sense

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Earths moon

Earths moon is orbiting us at 239,000 kilometres up wards. The moon was found in 1609. This is space school the moon. People believed that the moon was part of Earth that had broken off into space. The moons gravity is strong enough to pull our seas up and down us a tides. The moon is moving away from Earth at 1/2 lunches per year. It takes 29 and a 1/2 days to orbit around Earth. A 180 pounds Earthling would just weigh 30 pounds on the moon. The U.S. And China want to go back to the moon and put a permanent post on it. This is space school class dismissed.